Everything You Know About Dog Training is Wrong. Here is Why – PART ONE

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lets starts with two basic assumptions.

  1. There is more information now on human-dog relationship then
    ever before and its easier to access then ever. Most of the information is free.
  2. Despite all this, human-dog relationship has never been in a
    worse predicament. For many dogs and people, the living situation is
    equivalent to a war zone; resulting in dogs being sent to a shelter and
    later executed.

Why such inverse relationship between available information on one side and
abysmal state of affairs between dogs and humans on the other?

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As I see it, there are three reasons:

  1. Dog professionals (by that I mean dog trainers, TV personalities, authors, etc) are
    unable to relate certain type of information to their clients (dog owners and
    consumers of such information). Not because they (dog professionals) don’t
    want to -although I suspect sometimes that IS the case- but because they can’t.
    And not because they don’t know it but because they don’t see it.

    The second reason is…

  2. The nature of modern human existence is such that it doesn’t suit humans, much
    less dogs. More on that later.

    And third and perhaps the most important…

  3. The nature of human condition.
    We cant blame dog professionals for trying to train us and failing. And we cant blame
    our environment either. We must take responsability and bring certain necesary attributes to the table.
    We will talk about these attributes later as well. For now…

Lets get back to dog professionals and examine how come they are unable to
relate fundamental principles that they themselves use when dealing with dogs.

There are 4 things I’ve been able to identify that dog professionals have but don’t teach nor
share with general public, and yet, these fundamental principles are key to their success.
But first, how come they are not sharing this info?

If you wanted to learn how to swim, I think you could NOT pick a
better teacher then a fish. A fish could teach you how to swim your ass off.
Its effective in water, it has mastered the techniques necessary to move through water,
it has all the attributes we need to emulate in order for us to be strong swimmers as well.


Don’t ask a fish to teach you how to breathe under water; cuz fish don’t know.

Dog professionals are exactly the same as fish.
They can teach you techniques but you will not necessarily replicate their success and
be able to “breathe under water”.

I think most people know this to be true from first hand experience.
I am sure you’ve read books, watched TV shows or DVDs, paid dog trainers to
come to your house and train you…and yet, you were unable to breathe underwater
on your own. You were not able to replicate their success and in fact, you may have
made things worse. Why?

In PART TWO, we will examine those 4 fundamental principles used by
dog professionals that are NOT taught to dog owners, and yet, dog professionals
apply them without thinking.

Does anyone want to take a stab at what those 4 principles are before I post them?

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