Top 10 Rules to Follow when Choosing a Dog Breeder

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Inspired by an article written by Rob of on spaying/neutering dogs
I figured I’d offer my 2 cents on how to choose a breeder.

Rule No 10: Don’t go to a breeder
There are so many pets in need at your local shelter, you 
should really consider adopting one.

Rule No 9: Don’t Fall for the Jive
If a breeder tells you that they breed for a specific trait, run. They are 
not breeders, they are sellers of dogs. There is a difference. Every 
breeder should have the same goal. To produce the best, healthiest 
puppies possible. Everything else should be secondary.

Rule No 8: Visit 8 Breeders
Ok, maybe not 8. Seven or nine would be OK as well. My point is, if you 
are buying a dog from a breeder, might as well have fun driving out to
the farm, checking out the scenery and talking to experts (presumably your 
dog breeder should be one). 
Visiting multiples of breeders will really give you a
sense of what you like and dislike about a particular purveyor.

Rule No 7: The Old No 7
Since this blog is sponsored by Jack Daniels, every time there is a 
Top 10 list, No 7 must be a recommendation to drink whiskey.
No worries, you’re not alone. Every time I write “No 7” I have to take a swig.

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Rule No 6: Pick a Breed, and then Pick a Breeder
It makes sense, right? Have an idea of what kind of dog you 
want, then go to breeders specializing in that breed.

Rule No 5: Runts and Giants
The “pick of the liter” is usually the biggest puppy. So what? 
Give them 6 months, and these giants and runts usually 
meet somewhere in the middle.

Rule No 4: Why do I have to come up with the entire list?
How about you guys suggest No 4?

Rule No 3: Local verses Remote
If at all possible, you should get your dog from a reputable local breeder. However, 
if you are shopping around for a rare breed (say South African Boerboel) you 
may need to order it from far away. This incurs additional shipping cost plus you 
cant check out the breeder yourself. This is where you turn to the internet. 
Do your research. 

Rule No 1: It all Comes Down to This
Whichever breeder you go with, once its over, the puppy is yours and you 
must do whatever is necessary to meet your dog’s needs. 
This means a lot of education, patience and practice on your part.

No worries tho, we are all here to help you on your journey.
The Word is Spreading

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