3 Reasons why Social Networking is Dead – Long Live Social Networking

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Uncategorized


Oh the irony.

I will be promoting this article via social media outlets like Facebook; and yet, here I am claiming that Social Networking is dead.

I’m afraid I’m not saying anything revolutionary or earth-shattering. People smarter then I have already proclaimed Social Media sites a rotting corpse.

Here is why Social Networking sites are dead.

  • Reason No 1
    If history is any indicator (and it always is) there once was Friendster and now its not.There once was myspace and when was the last time you went there? Even Twitter is now populated only (it seems) by businesses, not people.
    We have no reason to think that facebook, twitter, and the current crop of social sites will stick around forever; nothing does.

  • Reason No 2
    SPAM attack. As these sites gain momentum they get infested with SPAMers. SPAMers are like those bullies that come to the playground and kick sand in everyone’s face and ruin the party for everyone. But then new, less known playground comes along and regular kids move there only to be followed by SPAMers 2-3 years later. So long twitter, its been nice knowing you.

  • Reason No 3
    Competition. There once was Flickr and now there is picasa. (tho I still prefer flickr I think).
    Technology is getting cheaper and cheaper and it’s getting easier for anyone to put up their own social networking site.


Here is why Social Networking site will Live-On Forever

No, Facebook will not be “in” 5 years from now (or maybe it beats the odds? What do you think?); but there will be other sites to take its place.
Mainly, niche sites like corkd.com (for folks interested in wine) and 2wheeltips.com (for folks interested in motorcycle safety and education).

These sites have a chance of surviving beyond the usual 2-3 year term. In fact, the nature of niche-sites is that it takes 2-3 years for them to really gain momentum and SPAMers have limited use of these unless they are pushing products directly related to the site’s niche. Plus, since they are smaller, they are much easier to “care for” by the purveyors. 

I guess it would be appropriate to mention few stand-outs that are gaining momentum.

UStream.com allows you to stream your video and set up your own “TV” Show online.
Vark.com (one of my favs) has real people answering your questions about anything and everything.

Do you think some general-purpose social net sites will beat the odds?
Which ones did I leave out that really deserve a mention?
Do you think Facebook will beat the odds?


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