Best Exercise for Your Energetic Dog

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

You have a high-energy pooch? You’re not alone. Most dogs can outwork their owners on any given day. So how do we give them what they need? Before we get specific, here are few general guidelines.

  • Most healthy, adult, high-energy dogs will need at least two hours of vigorous exercise per day, every day, no exception. 
  • Make sure it’s sustainable (physically, financially, etc). Whatever you do you will have to keep doing for the next few years. Keep that in mind when choosing activities for you and your dog.
  • If you miss a day, make up for it.
  • Make it fun for you and your dog
  • Be creative.


Let’s take a look at few specific ways in which we can exercise our pooch.

Inside the house

  •  Train your dog to use a treadmill
  • Toss a toy, or treats down the stairs and have your dog run up and down. If there is no stairs, perhaps a long hallway will do. 
  •  Play tug-of-war

Outside the house

  • Walking – it’s a primal activity humans and dogs have engaged in since their first steps together
  • Running – Same reason as above. 
  •  Hiking the trails 
  • Get on a bicycle and ride
  • Agility training Tracking (some training required of course)  
  • Dog park (great time to play some fetch, don’t you think?) 
  • Doggy Day Care – kindergarten for dogs and it doesn’t require you to be present.

Ready to go slightly unconventional?

  •  In the great tradition of sled-dogs, you and your pooch can use a doggy powered scooter. It comes in two flavors, the one where you stand and the one where you sit. Both are lots of fun and great exercise for your bouncy canine. You have to see it to appreciate it so google “doggy powered scooter “ right now, I’ll wait, go ahead. 
  • Now that you’re back, don’t neglect to supply your canine with ample mental stimulation as well. Basic obedience training is the obvious first step, but why stop there? Try going beyond basic sit/stay/fetch and explore other, perhaps fancier commands you and your dog can be good at. You will notice that your dog will naturally gravitate towards certain commands (some dogs take to fetch like fish to water) while others may require slightly more work.


Perhaps the most important exercise of all is to try and incorporate your dog into your life as tightly as possible. Some jobs now allow you to bring your dog to work with you. Take advantage of that.

Whenever you go someplace, bring your dog along. Sure, he may not be able to go inside the building with you, but he will be much happier waiting for you in the car then at home.

Last but not least, understand that providing your dog with ample space in the back yard is nice, but it is NOT substitute for human-dog activity involving some form of cooperation. Booth humans and dogs are social animals and they need physical, mental and social stimulation to thrive. 


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