Serial Killer Whale Strikes Again!!! The Sea World Murderer is On the Loose

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized


What should we do with this terrible animal? Human animal that is.

I knew this Killer Whale story was harking back in my mind to something else but it took few days for it to surface, and then I remembered!!! This Killer Whale story reminded me of another one, the one about the pig. Hear me out.

Pigs are filthy animals. They eat their own shit, they roll around in it, they fight and can be quite nasty and ill-tempered with each other and generally speaking, calling somebody a pig is a huge insult. But are pigs really all that bad?

Turns out, pigs don’t shit where they live nor are they nasty with each other, as long as –and this part is important- you give them plenty of room to live. All these negative characteristics we’ve attributed to pigs are NOT native to pig the animal, instead, these negative characteristics are brought-on by humans confining the pig in a small area where they are forced to shit where they live, forced to be unnaturally close to another pig, forced to fight for their food and so on. So who is the pig?

Would a human –this supposedly evolved animal- act much different if placed in similar circumstances? I think not.

So the human animal strikes again. Except this time, we’ve confined a Killer Whale for our own amusement and profit. Who owns Sea World? Is it Disney?

It’s funny how corporations will turn a blind eye to anything and everything as long as it keeps making them profit. Whoever owns Sea World should be held accountable for the 3 lives the Whale took and while we’re at it, close the place down. Don’t keep it open on my account if it means that every few years a person is going to die.

How do you suppose this applies to our relationship with dogs?


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