Don’t Get Nexted: ChatRoulette Tips and Techniques

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized


For the uninitiated, ChatRoulette is an anonymous video/audio 2-way with a random person online. I decided to give it a go and filed this report. 

Here is what you need to know.

  1. Early-Adopters are a perverted lot.
  2. Most dudes are there to gawk at pretty girls. Not sure why pretty girls are there
  3. The rest are there out of sheer curiosity to see who else was there. 

Did I forget anyone?

Since I am far from a pretty girl, I was getting Nexted left and right. Not even the pervs with their schlongs out wanted to talk to me (thank god). However, I quickly devised a way to slow people down long enough to start a conversation and even managed to meet few cool peeps. (wuss up DJ?)

Here are few techniques that worked for me.

  1. As soon as you give eye contact or show interest people will next you. So act aloof and nonchalant and pretend like you got surprised that there was a camera there. 
  2. Use props. I used a guitar, but I’ve paused for people with Tony the Tiger dolls, interesting signs, etc. 
  3. This is my biggest, best and most effective tip but I’m afraid it wont work for those with built-in cameras. For the rest of us with detached USB-cable style cameras, we can move them so that the cam is shooting us from the side. This deserves a closer look.

As in real life, when you are directly facing someone you are either expressing too much interest (automatic disqualifier) or –if you are a man facing a woman for example- you might give off an intimidating vibe. Standing next to someone allows you to get closer (shoulder to shoulder) without the weird awkwardness. So, move your cam so that its shooting you from the side; shoulder to shoulder with the fellow ChatRouletter as it were. 

Try these techniques yourself and let me know if they worked for you. Happy ChatRouletting.


Of course, now you have a whole new problem. Once someone slows down and starts talking to you, what do you say? How do you build rapport with a total stranger in this unnatural video-chat environment? That Im afraid, is a whole other post.


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