Orbital Swank (Orbitus Swahnkularis)

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized


There is a little knows secret regarding fitness and health that’s circulated amongst the members of acting, scientific and wealth elite. The secret that gave Arawak Indian women the ability to compete in swimming competitions along side their men. Arawaks themselves were known for their amazing health and physique. They were tall, muscular, and lived long and productive lives. Their secret?

Arawaks incorporated an avocado-like vegetable as part of their regular diet. This magic ingredient was named by Columbus as Orbitus Swahnkularis, or Orbital Swank for short.

Dr. Ignatius Popowski of London Scientific Assembly had recently managed to extract the ingredient from the plant that gave Arawaks almost super human abilities. This enzyme was proven in trial studies to help people drop weight in a quick yet healthy way. Those who were relatively fit to begin with saw an incredible increase in their overall musculature. Across the board, all participants (over 6000) saw an increase in their cardio-vascular abilities and vast majority reported significant elevation of brain activity and mood.

Since then, the extracted Orbital Swank enzyme has been circulated outside the “regular” channels and can only be acquired “under the table”; tho it hasn’t been banned officially.

If that sounds good I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

There is no such thing as Orbital Swank. Healthy mind and body don’t come from a pill, a can, an enzyme, the amazing new diet, or whatever other nonsense they are pushing this week.

Maybe next time your read something about the new magical pill, diet, a drink…whatever, you will remember Orbital Swank?

In a nutshell, eat less, exercise more, never stop learning and never stop asking questions. What’s yours?


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