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Posted: March 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

In short, no. But then again, different strokes, right?

For me, its a catch 22.

Would I be interested in getting a 10% discount on a large ticket item? Certainly. If Im buying a flat screen for say 2K, 10% makes a dent. But unless Im already a user of FSQ, how would I even know about the discount?

And then one might say that IF you are a user of FSQ, THEN you get to enjoy the discount.

Problem with that is now I have to buy this item on FSQ’s time, not mine.

I dont think Im a good test subject for these kinds of quandaries. I never look for on-sale days to buy stuff, I do it when Im ready.

I guess Im skeptical of FSQs usefulness to average person. But to be fair, I did see a sale on skeptics for 90% off, so what does that tell you. 🙂

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