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Posted: April 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

In response to No 11 – Kaw’s recommendation to repeat your tweets.

I think the big question is how do your followers receive your tweets? The answer is that we have no idea; but there are two general ways in which people receive tweets.

1st Method. – They log into twitter and look over the list of recent tweets.
If this is the case, they by all means, tweet away. Chances are they’ve missed your past tweets and they appreciate having easy access to your posts.

However, there is a 2nd group. Those who receive tweets via phone and are alerted in real time about your tweets. These folks will not appreciate repeated tweets and will prob filter you out or un-follow.

The way I get around the 2nd type is not to tweet the title of the article (the way automated sw or autoposts can do), instead, I select a compelling section inside the article and tweet it. (diff section every time of course). Here is an example.

Example 1: Many people will find this hard to believe but humans are made to run.Evolution has designed us to be incredible runners

Example 2: And so these men of Hindustan,Disputed loud and long,Each in his own opinion,Exceeding stiff and strong,Though…


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