Dog Trainer 2.0 – Dog Training in Social Media / Part One

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Uncategorized


After speaking with my good friend Jt Clough we’ve realized that there are many dog trainers out there struggling to carve out a niche for themselves in this new Social Media frontier.

I decided to start a series of articles focusing on helping dog trainers get better and smarter in this Social Media world. But, before we get to “how”, I want to focus on “why”. I want to start out be outlining the benefits of having a Social Media presence. I will conclude with a brief tip.

Why do you want to engage in Social Media gambit if all you do is dog training?

Our dog training lives are characterized by peeks (meeting and working with clients) and lulls (in between gigs). So most dog trainers have free time to spare. What a wonderful opportunity to keep in touch with old clients, mingle with colleagues, and meet potential future clients.

If you say to me “But Dino, I’m too busy to do the Social Media thing…my dance card is full, Im already overwhelmed with the amount of work I do”, I say thats a great position to be in. Someone with your experience can really share a tremendous amount, help many people and establish themselves as a global authority on dog training, not just a local one.

But Dino, you say. How does that help me?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no real money in dog training. Sure, there are few outliers (Cesar Milan, Ian Dunbar, and other big hitters) but most dog trainers are lucky if they crack the 6 figure ceiling. Furthermore, you making money is tightly tied into you you being there. What happens if you get sick?

What you have to think about is ways of creating passive income. The kind of income that brings the cheder even when you are sick, old, sleeping, playing, etc.

I’m talking about books, DVDs, and similar.

Now, no one is going to give you a book deal unless you can deliver the sales. Paris Hilton, Spence and Heidi, even Ricky Martin have all published books. These are not scholars. But what they lack in brain, they make up in attention. The eyes of the world are upon them and eye balls equals money.

This is where you come in. The playing field has never been so even and the entry cost has never been so low.

Here is an example from my own Social Media life.

My blog posts have received about 30 comments on the high end of the scale. (comments by the way, are the Social Media currency. Only about 1-10% of visitors will feel compelled enough to comment). This is not that much different from the number of comments received by Dog Star Daily. The difference being is that DSD has not only “star” power, but also multiple bloggers AND has been in existence for years. And yet, the little ‘ol me is garnering just as many views and just as many comments.

BTW, DSD is one of my favorite sites, I visit it often and the comparison is made to illustrate the even playing field point, and not to put it down in any way.

So if you are a dog trainer and you are thinking about joining the Social Media, or have already joined but sucking-wind and struggling to make your mark, don’t despair.
I will tailor this series to help you garner more views, get more work and help you navigate the Social Media jungle.

Social Media Tip #1.
Did you know you can see who re-tweeted you by clickin on @yourname link on the right hand side of your twitter profile?
If you are unsure as to how you can use this to your advantage, let me know, I will elaborate.

Speaking of which, follow me on Twitter

If you have specific questions about the Social Media Jungle, leave a comment and I will tailor my future posts based on what people want to know about.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Leave a comment so I know you were here and please share this post with your friends and family.


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