People as Frogs

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When I was in 7th grade, my chem teacher told us about an experiment involving a frog.

Apparently, once upon a time, in not so distant past, some scientists decided to place a frog in a pot filled with boiling water. The frog naturally jumped right out, looked at the white-coat and said “wtf?”.

Then, they did it again, except this time the water was lukewarm. The frog stayed-put.
The scientists then decided to warm-up the water gradually and observe the frog. The frog stayed-put.
So they continued to increase the temperature gradually until the pot was boiling over again, except this time, the frog didnt jump out. It stayed put until it was cooked. Frog legs anyone?

It was the gradual increase in temperature that boiled the frog without the frog even noticing.

The same is happening to us.

If we take a (very very) conservative estimate and say that human species have existed for approximately 100 thousand years, this means that we have spent 90% of our existence as nomads, scavengers, rooters, gatherers, etc.

About 10 thousand years ago we settled and started planting rice and similar grains, thus began the agricultural age.

Few hundred years ago, the industrial age started and was characterized by widespread migrations and displacement of labor.

Its only in the last 50 years or so, that we can say the true technological age began.

Does this sound like a gradual “increase” to anyone?

Despite the fact that we live in a “modern era”, we would be wrong to assume that our evolutionary proclivities that developed over a millenia have somehow gone away just because I’m typing this on a computer. Here are few examples.

Early humans would have been well advised to conserve energy. And in fact, they did. This is part of our DNA. This is why its hard for us to get our assess in the gym. This is why we invented the wheel, then horse and buggy, then car, train, bus, etc. This is why we tend to spend half hour finding a spot near the entrance of the mall instead of parking in the back.

Back in those early days, some 100 thousand years ago, high colorie food was scarce. When we managed to find natural sources of simple carbohydrates and sugar, we gorged. This was a good thing since it allowed for the development of the prefrontal cortex (the area of the brain responsible for rational thought), located directly behind our forehead. Also, this is why when you haven’t eaten in a while your sugar level drops and you become cranky. The prefrontal cortex (aka neo cortex) is literally starved. In other words, we are evolutionarily predisposed to gorge on simple carbs and sugar. However, nowdays, these foods are easy to come buy, and if you combine that with our tendency to conserve energy you get one fat nation.

These are physiological factors that have snuck up on us. There are of course psychological factors as well that might take an even greater tool.

How come every culture knows its NOT ok to kill a fellow human being?
Again, this is something that early humans understood, it is real, there are consequences, and its part of our internal wiring.

How come no one feels bad for the government when Willie Nelson owes it millions of dollars?
Or, how come its not considered cheating when you lie on your tax return?
Its because our DNA, our brain, is not wired for TAX laws. Tax is a relatively new invention and hasn’t been internalised. (Lets hope it never does)

Side note: In 1990 (if my middel brain serves me correctly), IRS changed their tax code to require every parent to furnish their child’s Social Security Number on the tax return. That year, around 10 million children that “existed” as dependents the previous year simply disappeared. hmmm

The Nature of Modern Existence (NOME) is froth with examples of physiological and psychological static. We are quite literally boiling over, like the frog, without even noticing, like the frog. So notice.

How do you think this reflects on the Human-Dog relationship?

When a puppy is born, it thinks it is about to spend its life with the early, nomadic version of humans. Little does the puppy know that the frog has taken its revenge. 

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