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Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cool regarding affiliate links. Smart..Amazon IS pennies, but they got the technology part down-pat.

I’ll check out melbarti…thnx for the info.

I always thought that women take up dog training because, and I hope this doesn’t come off sexist in some ways, to make real money in dog training you have to be a Ian Dunbar, or Cesar Milan, or similar….the rest will be lucky if they hit 6 figures.

Few female dog trainers I’ve met have all been married which gave them the freedom from having to make a living while pursuing what they really love to do. I think many men would love to get into dog training as a profession but in today’s society men are still expected to be primary cheddar-makers. Hence, got to work while the wife is developing her dog business.

All this is of course generalization and oversimplification, but perhaps there is something to it?

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