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Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

This post is a good reminder of what should be done. Thnx Nathan.

I do want to elaborate on the example you used regarding Domino’s manager (and Dominos in general since their latest campaign was very socially …hmmm savvy or responsible? Cant decide yet 🙂

Im seeing more and more companies do this. They are taking this genuine intention to help and be social and corporatizing it through promotional campaigns and social media efforts blasted via TV spots and wannabe viral content.

Can you really take a good intention and create a corporate mission statement out of it? And while you consider that, keep in mind that every corporation’s first mandate is to make profit for its shareholders.

My point is that these social media efforts perpetrated by large corps are nothing more than a balance sheet tipping in favor of social awareness. Remember in Fight Club when Ed Norton sez something like “if it costs less money to let people die due to mechanical failure than to fix a faulty part….” you get the idea.

It will cost Dominos (and other corps) less money to be socially responsible, therefore they mandate social responsibility. Really? Can you really force someone (corps are people under the law) to be socially responsible? And if so, can you say that you are truly socially responsible if your responsibility is driven by profit margins? Thought for food :-p

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