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I’m a huge fan of the report, in fact I’ve shared it with some folks (and companies) that can really use it (not a lot of ROI numbers in it, but I’ll let that slide). However, as any statistical analysis it suffers from the indoctrination bias. Allow me to make my point by example.

I was watching a commercial on TV last night. In it, they claim that 65% (could be a diff number, I forget what it was exactly) of today’s couples meet online. What is wrong with this picture?

Did they go to an old folks home and ask people there how they meet their partners? I think not. They asked people who are A) Internet savvy, B) Within a certain age range C) Probably few other favorable criteria, make up your own, did.

This is a classic example of the snake eating its own tail. Quantifiable (or attempt at quantifying) Social Media works much the same way.

Who are the biggest bloggers? Those who blog about social media. Snake eating its tail.
How many top 100 websites are reporting on social media telling us how to use it and how great it is? Snake eating its tail..etc..etc

The report made by SME is great in a sense that it has a lot of charts, graphs, corporate speak, etc. Snake eating its own tail.

Im a big fan of snakes, as well as their tails, so dont take this as an accusation of any sort. Im just saying that Social Media efforts cant be quantified the same way offline marketing efforts cant be quantified (even worse perhaps).

I am sure someone can tell us who once said that 50% of the marketing money is wasted, if only we knew which 50%.

Also, ROI is only part of the issue here. Social Media is not marketing (tho thats what corps want it to be so we are helping them), its not advertising (tho thats what its turning into), etc etc.

The indoctrination bias here is simple. Corporations have no place in social media, but if we dont let them in, we cant make a living, so we create strategies to sell to corps, charts to make it look pretty, and so on.

I duno…every time I see a corporation tied with social media the hair on the back of my neck stands up. It just doesn’t feel right. It doesnt feel right because it lacks sincerity, and it think thats my main problem with the concept. I blog not because I want to, but because I have to, and thats the difference. But what do I know…lol

In either case, thanks for engaging in a lively debate… 🙂

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