10 Ways to Get ReTweeted More Often

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

10. Tweets containing a link get retweeted more often. I find this not to be true so your milage may vary as well. I recommend you experiment with it.

9. Including “please retweet” (or “Plz RT” for brevity’s sake) as part of your 140 characters, while seemingly un-cool actually works according to nerds who follow these trends…thank you nerds. (link to report provided below)

8. You don’t want to come off un-cool? I understand. Try http://retwt.me It shrinks the link which is something you have to do anyways, and it has a built-in message of “ReTweet Me”. In radio biz we call that a twofer. 

7. Keep it short. Shorter the better. For the best chance of getting your musings retweeted in their entirety your tweet should be under 120 characters.

6.Can’t quite make it within the 140 character limit? Try http://u.nu/ Its the shortest link-shrinker around.

5.Take advantage of cascading nature of Twitter. My dog tweeple are based in US while my motorcycle crew is mostly in Australia. For the best chance of getting motorcycle re-tweets, I schedule my bike-tweets while I’m sound asleep. My Australian based brethren is wide awake, seeing my tweets, and re-tweeting. I use http://twaitter.com for scheduling tho I’m a huge fan of http://socialoomph.com as well.

4. A god way to get retweets is to ask a question. 

3. Become trustworthy. Become known as someone who shares valuable information.

2. Quit sending people to your blog so much, or worse, your landing page. Some of the most-retweeted people on Twitter are the ones who tweet factoids and inspirational quotes. Its a win-win since getting retweeted puts you in front of more tweeple, that means more followers.

1. Drum roll please. The best way to get retweeted is to be a relentless retweeter yourself.

Share your own favorite advice on Social Media and retweets in the comments section. 

Let’s tweet-up http://twitter.com/dino_dogan

Want to know more? Check out this report http://www.briansolis.com/2009/10/the-science-of-retweets-on-twitter/

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