Totally Off Topic: Apple is NOT an Innovative Company

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m going to say few things here that are entirely against the grain when it comes to Apple.

Apple is not Apple

1. Apple is not Apple. Apple is Steve Jobs. When Jobs leaves, Apple will be no more. The entire success or failure of Apple hinges on Steve Jobs. He is the typical charismatic leader that fosters followers. Leaders who foster other leaders; they leave organizations that survive.

We only need look to the 90s when Jobs left and Apple almost went out of business. History, as they say, repeats itself. 

2. When Apple ordered a raid on Gizmodo’s apartment few months ago, this to me signaled the completion of corporate takeover of civil liberties. Not cool Apple. Terrible marketing move. 

3. Apple doesn’t innovate. I will never understand why Apple is considered such an innovative company. They take something that someone else invented and design it better. They are great designers, but SONY is the company that invented iPod (back then it was called Walkman).

Apple doesn’t innovate the technology, they innovate the design

At best I will say that Apple is innovative when it comes to design, but NOT when it comes to technology and there is a difference. 

Last but not least, I hope somebody can tell me Im wrong. I soo want the new Macbook Pro but my sense of right and wrong wont allow me to buy it…am I wrong here? Especially on the bit about corporate takeover of civil liberties? 

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