Totally Off-Topic: Noah Was a Buddhist Monk

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I hope we can all agree (yeah right) that the tales recounted in the best selling book of all time are not to be taken literally.

There is a real danger of miss-interpreting the text written many centuries ago using a language that is practically dead from a place and context that no longer exist. So all we are left with is symbolism of the story. One such story is of Noah’s Ark. 

Side note: If you think that I’m overstating the difficulty of translating something from another language, just try it. Something -in fact a lot- is lost in translation. 

As most probably know, Noah liked to imbibe more than just Holy Spirit

 But when he was commanded to build a boat and load it up with a reproductive pair of each kind of animal; he got his shit together and got to work. 

Most interpret this story the way pretty much all stories from the Bible are interpreted; obey your master. 

In Noah’s story, that master is God. But the not-so-subtle implication is that a master must be obeyed no matter the matter. Is it any wonder why such story -and especially such interpretation- has been perpetuated for so long? 

That message is a great way to oppress people based on their gender, color, socioeconomic status, and all matter of other irrelevance.

So allow me to offer an alternative interpretation

The message of Noah was the message of non-duality. We are one with God. We are one with the universe. Each and every one of us is responsible for each and every one of us. Human and animal alike

That is the interpretation of Noah’s Ark I choose to believe in. How about you? 

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