I’ll Take a Caramel Macchiato and Heady Tomes of Serious Nonfiction Please

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of my daily rituals is to drive my ass to a local Barnes and Noble, order a quad, tall, skim caramel macchiato and read a book. These are usually heady tomes of serious nonfiction.
Geek-Godess incarnate. I Like! (Read in your best Borat voice)

Sometimes I bring my laptop to take notes, sometimes I’m ferociously highlighting passages from the book, and sometimes I’m scribbling shit down in my notepad.

Since I’m a friendly chap, not to mention a regular, I will strike up conversations not only with staff but also with complete strangers who happen to be within an ear shot.
A literal ear shot and a convenient method of hands-free inebriation.

Routinely, without me mentioning anything, my conversation partners will assume that I’m a student. This happens all the time without fail.

The other thing that’s surprising is their level of confidence in their assumption.

I think their thinking goes something like this.
Well, no one in their right mind would submit themselves to learning after surviving high-school or -god forbid- college, so he must be a student.

Sometimes I will correct them but that has become an increasingly time-consuming task. Try explaining to a stranger that you are reading because you like it. These formerly friendly strangers will all of a sudden start backing away from you and look at you like you got a viking helmet on your head.
What? Do I have something in my teeth?

So I’ve stopped trying. Yes, I’m a student.

I just hope they don’t ask me “so…what school do you go to?”.

In his book On Writing (Amazon Affiliate Link), Stephen King mentions that he reads approximately 75 books per year.

I’m not that good a “student” and I’ve never counted, but I reckon I’ve read about 50+ books last year (2009). Not bad. Not Stephen King, but not bad.

How many books have you read last year?

How many do you plan on reading this year?

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