Dogan Dogs: Now with 30% More Dog

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

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I know I’ve been annoying all my dog readers with the Social Media garbage I write occasionally.


So I decided to move that operation over to


So from now on, no more Social Media weirdness on this here blog. Just doggy weirdness from now on.


I hope you will check out my new Social Media blog. Its for people who are trying to leverage the free technology and marketing that is inherent in the open design of Social Media.


If you own a business or have a cause you’d like to spread far and wide, check out


A lot of this Blogging Technology and Social Media Marketing can be confusing. So one of the principals I use when delivering information is based on something Chris Griffin once said.


“Where is the chase and how do I cut to it?” ~Chris Griffin


Anyways, I hope you check it out. See ya there.


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