How To Prevent a Dog Fight

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

There are many ways in which dogs can get into a good, ol’ fashioned scrap. There are probably just as many ways to prevent it from happening.

Rather than preach about this method or that method, I’d rather talk about a specific, real life, example that I just happen to have on tape 🙂 

Dojo (my German Shepard) and my friend Bill’s pit Molly were doing some in-water dual retrieving. Both dogs (and owners) were totally unprepared and untrained for such an endeavor.

Some factors that didn’t help

  • Both Dojo and Molly are high-energy dogs with strong resource-guarding instincts.
  • They both have strong prey drives as well.

I point out the prey drive because in this scenario the stick is but a prey in their minds.

Some factors that helped.

  • There were both kinda tired from a long hike.
  • They were both in water.
  • Molly is a female.

This last part warrants a close examination.

Aggressive male dogs (and I’m generalizing) are less likely to be aggressive around female dogs. Isn’t this true of all species?

Not that Dojo is an aggressive dog but he can be pig headed when he wants to be.

Moving on.

The thing that saved the day was a well timed “OUT!!!” command.

This prompted Dojo to let go of the stick and thus prevented possible escalation.


A well timed, well trained command is sometimes all it takes to prevent a dog fight.


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