Seca the Dog Needs a Running Partner

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


It’s 5:30 am when the alarm rings. You slide into running shorts and shoes, drink a cup of coffee and plan your route. Living a ten-minute drive from a galaxy of wilderness and hiking trails means you’re running up to meet the sun on mountain passes every morning. I mean, where else would you be – in bed?

Pink, orange and fuschia screen the western sky after work, and that’s the direction you head. Foot, after foot, clipping along to the sound of your footfall, your mind begins – slowly, begrudgingly – to let go.

But. Why are you doing this alone?


The Story of Seca

“It means flaca, skinny,” she tells me, “because she was the runt.” And, it’s true. Just then her brother strolls by; he is twice her size – and has an underbite that must make chewing arduous. Clearly, Seca was the Goldie Locks of the litter.

Three days later, Seca is galloping up Soldier Trail, skidding to a stop at the edge of a canyon wall. She sniffs at a tuft of lupine pushing up through the sand.

Soon Seca will be biting at snow patches alongside the trail to Mount Wrightson and pouncing on tadpoles in shallow creek water on Mount Lemmon. She’ll race ahead of me for the first two days of backpacking in Sycamore Canyon and walk at my heels on the third. She’ll swing across a vertical rockface in a harness and every night she’ll fall asleep at my feet.

Alas, my journey with Seca is coming to a close and I must find her a new human to love her and take care of her.


You and Seca

You adopt Seca. She travels the whole way with her stuffed chicken and tennis ball beside her. Wouldn’t you? You show her around the house, where her bed will go, and her toy basket and food bowls. She follows you to the back door and pushes through the doggie door; you trail her into the back yard where she conducts a full smell assessment. Later you cruise around the neighborhood, stopping to let her sniff
and pee, sniff and pee.

Come sunset, you know exactly where you’re going to be. Only this time, not alone.

Adopt Seca Now.

Contact her current owner at 520/551-0329 or via email

Seca is in Tucson, AZ


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